Chicken Plucker Fingers & Home Built Plucker


11 Years
May 1, 2009
Mason WV
Chicken Plucker Fingers @ $1/e + shipping or Home Built Plucker @ $20 + shipping + $3 for other expences.


I also have a few eggs again so I would like to offer 12+ bantam eggs from my EEers for $8. Actual shipping by Priority Mail from zip 25264 & $3 for packaging & other expenses.

My birds have a nice little top hat & lay green, blue & a shade of pink eggs. Here is some pics of the layers:

This is Top:
This is the second in command:
This is the third in command:

Here are some I just hatched out.

I also have EE Bantams Chicks For Sale @ $3 each + shipping + $3 for other expenses.
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It is very easy but it does require two people to use it unless you mount the drill. I'm going to mount it to my drill press next time to see how that works. You can tie the legs and hold the bird by head & wings & do it by yourself but since my wife will help it is much easier with two people.
Sorry to keep asking questions, I've never processed meat birds and am looking at trying it out this fall. Do you think as a first timer i would be able to use this effectively.
I am a first timer & it worked great for me. I have to say that finding the perfect scald was the hardest part. If I remember right the water was 150 & three donks did the job. Then I turned it over & gave the butt a splash because that part didn't get hot enough. After you dip pull a wing feather & if it comes out with ease then it is ready to pluck. Every time I missed up was because I over did it.

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