Chicken ppl with ducks...or duck ppl with chickens

I LOVE my ducks, because they are just funny. They have really great personalities. Just great to watch around the yard. No crowing is a plus. I love my chickens too. They are relaxing to watch and just seem pretty laid back. All together it's a perfect mix.
I tolerate my ducks because they are blooming idiots, but they are good for comic relief, bug control and eggs. I love my chickens in all ways, though.
We used to have both ducks and chickens,I loved them both,but felt like we would have done better had we had a pond for the ducks to spend their day on. Two problems without a duck pond,ducks,in my opinion are messier,their poop is runny,and if they're a heavy breed sometimes their legs cannot support their heavy body and they go lame(yeah lame ducks:/). Also I like chicken eggs better.
I love them both completely separately. I love my chickens and watching them... I loved my ducks (we don't have any now).... They're just so different they seem to satisfy a different niche in my heart...
I, too, love them completely differently. Ducks are always silly. Chickens are silly a lot of the time. Ducks are messier. Chickens are noisier than the breed of ducks I have (Cayuga). Duck eggs are wonderful for baking and I like them for eating, too, but my egg customers only want chicken eggs. Many breeds of duck lay seasonally. Chickens mostly lay year round, but slow down in the winter. (Some chickens stop laying in winter.)

Not all ducks need much water for swimming at all - a kiddie pool is sufficient, for splashing around in, not even deep enough for swimming.

Ducks are messy not only because of their liquid poop, but because they dabble in water, wash their food down in it, muck it up, and they drill holes in any muddy spots with their bills.

Ducks can bite harder than chickens can peck.

I don't care. I love my ducks and my chickens.

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