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Jun 18, 2017
Hello, everyone :)
My favorite chicken have problem in her finger. Its red swollen and this hurt her.
Two days she only sleep,get up то eat, drink water and again sleep or sit. Also stop to Lays eggs.
I think this is "Bumblefoot" but dont see black spot in finger.
Sry for my bad english but i need help :(


Wyorp Rock

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Sep 20, 2015
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Hi @darkmoon

It looks like the foot is infected. I see some oozing. Do you have a vet that can help you?
Where are you located?

Soaking in an epsom salts bath may help relieve a bit of swelling but she most likely needs some antibiotics as well.

You could also try soaking in Tricide Neo 2x a day to help get rid of the infection. In one of the other photos, it's not clear, but it also looks like she has a small scab on the bottom of the foot.

After soaking, you need to dry the foot, apply Vetericyn or triple antibiotic ointment, then wrap to keep the foot clean and dry or separate her to a cage/kennel and keep the bedding dry and clean.

Offer her some poultry vitamins and see that she is eating/drinking well. Hopefully you can have a vet help you.


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