Chicken questions


Aug 18, 2019
I am new to chicken forums but was wondering what breed of chicken this are?they are 2 different breeds and have only gotten friesian chickens since they tend be aggressive to each other to the point they bleed so I decided to sell some and get this two but what are they?will the huge gray one ever lay eggs,I'm more interested on what the brown one since she is pretty chill with 4 month old chickens while my friesian chickens even the mom peck them everytime they see them even though they have been there since they hatched,I would like to get more and a rooster of this breed in the future,other questions is the brown chicken seemed to be okay but after the rooster tried to mate with her,she has been looking tired and spent most of the day with her eyes closed I'm really worried why is that?also the rooster doesn't have any feathers in his neck,I got him when it was cold but after temperatures started rising he took them off will they ever grow back?


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