Chicken record keeping


Aug 7, 2017
Wanting to see how other people keep their flock records. I keep messing around with spreadsheets, but I’m just not totally happy with it yet. I’m managing three separate flocks at the moment. My general layers, B/B/S bantam Cochin breeding project, and a satin silkie project. My breeding pens I obviously need to keep genetic/hatch/buy/sell records and my layers I just like to have general buy/sell/hatch/daily eggs/chicken count numbers. I’m not as worried about my layers as I am my breeding flocks, but it would be nice to keep track of everyone. How do you guys keep records? Digital? Paper? In your head? Lol
I've started keeping track from last month and I'm using an app named Flockstar for egg tracking, It's pretty simple with no adds. Here's a screenshot;


Also I'm using Google sheets to track basic egg laying numbers per day. I also track my broody hatches using sheets. On top of this I use Google docs to write down when I've brought hens in, moved hens on, important information really. I've got it set into three catagories; alive, dead and moved on and just cut and paste them into updated sections when needed. I suppose it's easy for me to do since I've got a small backyard flock.
I'd love to see how others set up their data. I'm working on my setup for my first flock of just seven.

I just put in the date and then how many eggs I've got that day. I recently added how many times that amount turns up.

I don't use an incubator so I've tracked my hatches here. The only column that is missing is the one that says what breed I've tried to hatch out.

For this one it's just a list of information I think would come in handy or I'd find amusing (the first few ladies haven't needed much help). I've started getting more accurate with the dates since I started it. After the Alive notes it goes Dead and Sold.

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