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  1. Hi,
    Chickens are suffering every day! They are in small cages, called battery cages, where they can't even spread their wings. Their beaks are cut off, I am not saying you have to stop eating eggs right now, just sign so America's egg farms, will have chickens who can spread their wings in their cages! Look up Battery Hens on google images to see pictures of these suffering laying hens.
    So I created a petition to The United States Senate, which says:
    "Stop hens from suffering in cruel egg farms! Where they are cruely killed at the age of 2yrs, after having a terrible life in small cages."
    Will you sign this petition? Click here:
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    The only way that this is going to stop happening is if we as the people stop buying this garbage. The government will laugh at this petition. It won't go anywhere (though I sure wish it would!). I don't mean to be rude or harsh, but that's the simple fact. The government regulates these HUGE corporate egg factories. They aren't going to shut down when it means money in their pockets.

    The more we turn away from eggs laid by hens who are treated this way, the less eggs they will sell and the more factories will shut down.

    It's not just egg laying chickens.. There are the meat chickens.. Meat birds are crammed in a barn with no natural sunlight and get burns from having nowhere to lay but on the ground in their own fecal matter.

    Buying local is the only option for those who cannot raise their own food. Make sure you KNOW where your food comes from.

    Chickens aren't the only livestock being treated horribly in the food industry.

    These images are going to bother anyone who has a heart:



    How about a petition to treat all animals with respect..

    Really we need to inform people that the burger they are eating was once a living breathing cow..

    I hope I opened someone's eyes. Chickens aren't the only animal being mistreated for food. They are however the most factory farmed animal in the world.
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    This is confluence of politics and an issues of animal treatment.

    While perhaps well intentioned, topics such as this involving political influence and lobbying quickly escalate and thus BYC's policy concerning politics.

    BYC Moderation Staff
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