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    I'm trying to get some ideas on how different people have made their runs.I'm looking to expand mine to twice it's size now and I'm not sure if I should use 2x4's dug into the ground with wire attached to them or go with what I have used in the past just regular fencing posts. I still want to have netting over the top to keep predators out. How does everyone support their fencing?Especially if you have a top netting.I've seen some that have a frame like look to them how do you keep it from falling down in the storms (snow,rain, constant thaw and freezing).
    Also what does everyone use in the pen's ground area? This year we are having a terrible time with mud and even with applications of lime it smells out there at times. I'm afraid the chickens and ducks will all eat pea stone if I use it for drainage. :rolleyes:Or it will hurt their feet.
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    Apr 14, 2008
    Current run is a dog kennel, new run is going on 4x4 posts set in concrete. Run is sand. I keep adding a bag or two a week.

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