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Adrian Medlicot

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Jul 11, 2016
A Run
So I quickly sketched a basic plan for a run i´m going to build, I need some advice and please tell me what do you think!


Also, click on the image to see it clearly.
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You seem to be off to a good start. How many birds and what are the dimensions?

You would be in a warm climate, so you might not need much in the way of walls and a whole lot in the way of ventilation. Come to think of it, do you need the coop part at all. Can it all be one large run?

What predators do you have to contend with?
I am planning to have 5 chickens (hybrids) and the dimensions are roughly about 6 by 12, is that enough? also, predators are most likely possums and rats. Any help would be welcome! Also, if a make only an open run, where would the chickens go to roost? Should I put up some sticks or something for them to get up on?
A coop that is 6' x 12' has 72 SF, which would be 12 SF (square feet) per bird if you had 6 of them. That should be plenty of room.

If you are in a tropical climate, all you may need is a roof over your enclosed run. The birds could roost high up off the floor on roost bars mounted beneath the roof. In Key West, Florida, the feral chickens that walk the streets there just roost in the trees.

If this is to be a permanent coop, you may want to consider a concrete floor to deal the the rats. In that climate, something in me suspects they might be a bit more of a problem than normal, If you are in an area that gets a lot of rain, you may want to add some slope to the floor so it drains well.
On the nest boxes, if there is no coop, something you might try is to drape a cloth of some type, burlap, etc, partially over the fronts. It will look like a dark place to hide their eggs.

If not a concrete floor, is something like brick paving stones or slate rock available? Something that moisture won't harm and rats can't tunnel or chew through. Rats are prone to making tunnels under the coops and popping up and out to harm chicks, steal feed, etc. A concrete floor is the best option to deter their progress, but as long as it works like a concrete floor, it should suffice.

Not sure what cloth would keep them from chewing through it. Kevlar maybe?

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