Chicken run has to have a floor in my city


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May 23, 2011
Columbus Ohio
Hi, I am in Columbus Ohio and I just got off the phone with the health dept. vet who heads the approval process for chickens.
One rule is that I cannot make a run for them, unless it has an impervious floor. This people have done, and put the floor in and the dirt on top. I don't like that idea at all. The chickens are allowed one hour of free roaming in your fenced in yard.
I need to think on this one. I don't want sick chickens as they feel that is the cause of having a run on the dirt etc. BUT, I want my chickens to get outside alot and one hour seems like so little and probably impossible to catch them and put them back in their coop.
Maybe building a porch on the coop that has a floor would help. One that is screened in. I understand their concern but then too, I think that the ground can be kept cleaned up enough if the owner is conscientious about doing it. Most people have chicken runs.
Have any of you have to work within this type of restriction and if so, how did you manage it? Thanks, Terry
I would use stall mats or kennels mats (these have good drainage) and use sand on top of them in the run. Then build Saldana bars (raised planter beds) and plant with grass and greens and screen it over so they eat what grows up through, but they don't kill the roots with digging.

1 hour isn't a ton of time, but if you work with the, to come to treats or a can being shaken it is workable.

Hang lettuce, cabbage ect for more greens and run entertainment.
so, the health dept vet thinks being in the dirt will make the chickens sick? that's probably the goofiest thing i've ever heard

they literally bathe in dirt

they eat it
Also, a "floor" doesn't mean it has to have a ceiling.
Pour a concrete floor with a lip and then fill with dirt (or sand) and then build salad bars. Screen the rest in and they still get the open feel and sunshine.
How about going with AWW plywood floor with some screened drain holes or cover with weed mat (for cleaning and rain water drainage)and then toss sand in for dust bath, to scratch in and to make it easy to clean (just like kitty litter
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I think the city of Columbus based their ordinance off of similar animal control laws used around the country. The idea of an impervious floor is so that runoff from large poultry operations doesn't seep into the ground/water supply and so that animal-holding facilities can be more easily cleaned. It's almost irrelevant to a small flock of birds. But I'm sure the city council or zoning board didn't give it a lot of thought when they adopted the rule. or maybe they did and are terribly misguided.
That local so called Humane Society is known for their stupidity and their property seizing ventures.

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