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8 Years
Mar 2, 2011
Hello, I am another new guy to BYC. My chicken run is about 15 feet by 20 feet. I currently have 6 chickens that have turned that area into bare ground (when it is not covered in snow). I can't let them run loose anymore because of the hawks (which killed 3 chickens last summer), so is it ok for my chickens to ALWAYS be in that area? They really love to roam the yard, but I have to protect them. Also, I always see pictures of chicken runs that appear to have plenty of chickens and still have nice lush green grass. How does this happen. Thanks for reading.

I think it is ok for you chickens to stay in their run. Think maybe on your days off you could let them out when you can keep an eye out for them?

I wonder if runs that are plush are either new runs, or the chickens get rotated.
Mine is bare.

Glad you joined!
bfassett, from Ohio
If you've less than 6 hens you could build them a nice chicken tractor you could pull around the yard and not have to worry about them killing the grass, well for quite a while anyway. Don't work so good in snow. Ask me how I know. I have a large fenced in area for my chicken and it didn't take them long before they had anything they would eat cleared out, just the ugly weed grow out there now. I end up having to mow it a couple time in the summer. I've not lost any chickens in the fenced in area yet. When I let some range, in the past, I did lose a couple. Thanks for joining.
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You would need a very large run for it not to be bare. That sounds like a decent size for that many birds. Maybe you could make a second pen and rotate your chickens?

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