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I have had to put saddles on all my LF chickens......all 19! Obviously this isn't an issue in the winter, but will it overheat them in the summer when it is really hot?
I know here in WI mine are fine AND it also helps with sunburns as well. How thick are the saddles? Mine are made from jean material. Mine tend to spend most of the time in the shade anyway. I think the hottest it got here last year was about 90 and that was for a two days spree lol then it went back down into the 80's.
I am in the south so it gets up to around 90-100 with high humidity. Last summer they were all cooped up...this summer they will have free range of my yard, which has places to go that are shady.
Hah Nellabean, it gets real HOT here in southeast Georgia most of the year, and the humidity,WHEW!!! Most of my hens wear saddles all year with no issues,no need to worry. BTW, if you dont mind me asking, where did you get your Jersey Giants? Do you have a JG rooster and if you do,is he as docile as they say they are? I'm thinking about ordering a JG roo and 2 pullets from Meyer Hatchery 'd like your input. Thanks.
Mine came from TSC last year. I have a roo and a hen......the roo is very aggressive......both towards other roosters and people. Mostly people. He is on his "way out". Good protector though, LOL. He was always really mellow when he was younger but now that he has gotten close to the 1 year mark he has really gotten aggressive.....really really aggressive. He is a poor quality JG anyways, maybe that is affecting his temperament as well

I suppose if worst came to worst I could pull their saddles temporarily.....hopefully they will be fine. thanks!
Wow! It sounds like your JG roo is a bad boy. Perhaps you ought to leave the chicken saddles on your hens. It just depends if your roosters are tearing them up bad enough. I had a White Rock roo that punctured deep holes in two of my Leghorns and two Buff Orpingtons so bad that I had to cull them. I gave him away,then I got an Easter Egger roo. The EE roo was almost as bad, continually treading on three of his favorite hens and not the others. I gave him away also. I currently have a Salmon Faverolle roo and he's a good boy,he treats his hens real well.He gets a little froggy with me sometimes but he knows I'm the head roo and backs off lol. Thank you for the info on the JG'S. I'm going to read some other posts regarding the JG roos before I make any decisions.

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