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    Jun 7, 2008
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    4 of my hens now have the saddles from HenSaver on. 3 had naked spots on their backs, one was headed that way.

    I'm also hoping they'll give them a little help with keeping dry-ish and warm with this wet cold rain.

    How long should they keep them on?
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    I leave mine on 24/7.

    8 hens with one way over zealous rooster. [​IMG] If I take them off for one second, he rips up their backs. Chicken saddles saved my hens!

    It is perfectly safe to leave them on all the time. However, the feathers grow back super fast underneath and you can certainly take them off if your rooster is not doing any more damage.

    The hens aren't even aware they are on, they are so used to them.


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    Are they English or Western saddles?

    Sorry, just had to do it

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    dressage style, of course... [​IMG]

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