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Chicken Saloon ?

Discussion in 'Coop & Run - Design, Construction, & Maintenance' started by Ezio, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. Ezio

    Ezio In the Brooder

    Feb 17, 2013

  2. Trefoil

    Trefoil Songster

    Dec 7, 2011
    Using their measurements, it looks like the coop part is 2' x 3'. That's a lot of money for that kind of space. That said, I haven't seen one so I really don't know about the quality.
  3. Ezio

    Ezio In the Brooder

    Feb 17, 2013
    I'm really leery because of the price, there's one at a local feed store I'm thinking about getting.

    How much space do you need for 5-8 hens? The coop is going to be inside another pen (when I was breeding goats I could keep 3-5 pygmies comfortably in there) and the pen is under a walk-in shelter. Plus the panels (already chicken wired) will have another layer of wire that goes to the roof and there won't be enough space for a mouse to get in.
  4. gryeyes

    gryeyes Covered in Pet Hair & Feathers

    I have one of these coops, through another source; it is used as a grow-out coop for youngsters until they're ready to be integrated into the main flock (and main coop).

    The pen is really too small for use as an actual "run" for any adult chickens. Mine has held up well for three years, but some of the fittings like the hinges are fairly flimsy. Latches are not raccoon proof, if that's a problem in your area.
  5. c2chicks

    c2chicks Chirping

    We have one--it's very well made. We painted the roof(s); that was critical to keep it from leaking, but that doesn't sound like it's a problem for you. Otherwise it's been perfect for our three hens. I could easily have one more, but no way could I put 5-8 in there--the roost accommodates 3 nicely. It IS a little pricey, but we were so new to chickens, even with all the reading--I didn't even know what I didn't know. I'm not allowed to have chickens where I live, so I thought if I got something cute (and it is ;), I'll have an easy time selling it if I ever get caught.[​IMG]
  6. tadpole98

    tadpole98 Songster

    Mar 20, 2012

    Each hen needs 2 sq foot. Plus space for feed water roosts ect. And if they won't be free ranging make it 3 sq feet per
  7. aart

    aart Chicken Juggler! Premium Member

    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    Tadpole, is that the rule of thumb for space for silkies?

    Ezio....The most common rule of thumb I've seen is 4sqft in coop and 10sqft in run for large fowl. I think that is a minumum. The more room you have, the less potential for problems. You never know when you might have to confine your birds because of predator or weather issues.

    Take some time and do alot of reading here before spending that kind of money on a prefabbed coop. There are many options, possibilities and techniques for keeping chickens, you need to find what right for you and your location.

    Good Luck!

  8. Ezio

    Ezio In the Brooder

    Feb 17, 2013
    I'm not going to get that one. I'm going to go with a coop they have at TS and a large dog kennel/cage (this thing is HUGE) and raccoon proof it. Thanks for the info.
  9. flockoffour

    flockoffour Chirping

    Jun 28, 2012
    West Coast
    I purchased the tavern in June, and I have been very dissapointed with the quality of the product, the usability, and the customer service. The coop's dimensions ended up being a bit exaggerated, so I had to make an additional run for my chickens because their measurements were smaller than I had anticipated. Also, there were several slightly damaged parts when it came, and the lock on the door had broken off. I was able to get passed these things, they all seemed rather minor, until maintenence came into play. The removable tray is so skinny that I can't even pull it out of the coop unless I take all the shavings out first, which entirely defeats the purpose of having it. Before I purchased the coop, I sent emails asking questions about the tavern, and they were always answered very promptly, and I asked if the coop was completely weatherproof and I was told it was ready to withstand all elements; rain, wind snow, everything. But, after the very first rain we had come through (it was a very light storm, raining lightly for a day or two) I found out that the coop wasn't entirely weather proof, like it was promised to be in the email, and water soaked in through the roof and made my hen house soaking wet. I sent them an email about it, and offered to send pictures, and as usual, they responded very promptly and told me to send pictures. I have sent them the email with pictures several times, and sense I have sent them proof of my coop's disfuntction, I have been completely ignored. I re-sent the email, to see if they didn't get it, but they continued to ignore me. They wouldn't respond to my emails, my calls, or continue to contact me in any way. After being ignored for three months, and trying to work through my badly flooding coop, I had to spend more money to fix the coop that should have been what it was said to be, and ended up spending an additional $60 on a tarp to cover the entire coop. After having to spend a total of nearly two hundred dollars because of their lack of customer service and honesty, I would say that it is not worth the money and the hassle, and to stay away from chicken saloon.
  10. Scatterknit

    Scatterknit Songster

    Feb 20, 2013
    I just opened mine and it is TERRIBLE! I ordered the chicken tavern because it looked just like the Chicken Bungalow that I already had from MyPetChicken.com. MPC was out of stock and I just happened to find this one that looked just like it. Wrong!

    This one is a complete piece of junk. It's not NEARLY the quality as the one I got from My Pet Chicken. The wood is flimsy and the pieces are cheaply stapled together.

    One of the pieces (the tray) was broken in pieces - and the way it was placed in the middle of the box, it had to be packed that way. Plus the whole thing has been painted with some kind of toxic smelling paint.

    But worst of all, it's supposed to be pre-drilled so that you can put it together with bolts but the bolt holes don't line up! There's no way to re-drill them because the two holes would be too close and it would break the wood.

    So I have a big pile of useless junk in my garage now and I'm out $400. It's Saturday so I'm going to give them a chance to make this right and return my money but if they don't, I'll post here and these people should be put on the Wall of Shame.

    I'm so disappointed!! [​IMG]

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