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8 Years
Jun 21, 2011
What brand is the cheapest but best to use when weighing chickens?
I seen some food scales at walmart but wasnt sure if they were the same as actual chicken scales that sell for hundreds of dollars (which I dont have).. I have 10 Seramas I need to weigh, 2 soon and 8 in a few weeks.. so I need to get on the ball an buy a scale.
Walmart sells a digital fishing scale for about $20.00. Us a basket or a bucket to sit the chicken in. These work great for weighing feed, etc. Just zero the scale with the bucket attached and weigh away.

We tied ours to a rafter and weighing them is very easy this way.

Here's a link, they have them in all the stores we've been in. It looks like they might not be available online though.
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Well, I'll be dog gone. I have been looking for a scale for months. I didn't know they had those. THANK YOU for this information. I"m going to get one.

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