Chicken scalped, limping, has diarrhea, and clicking her beak. What should I do??


In the Brooder
May 28, 2020
Hey guys,
My last post was about my chicken who was scalped. This same hen is still eating and drinking. But she is also still limping, just started having diarrhea, started clicking her beak, and her belly is making really weird noises when she drinks water. I have her isolated in an enclosed area inside, I'm spraying her with Scarlex wound spray twice a day(just ordered Veterycin spray though because everyone is recommending it), and rubbing Neosporin on daily as well. Her womb is looking better and better every day, but why are so many new symptoms showing up? Am I doing something wrong? Also, why is she clicking her beak? It's never happened to one of my chickens before (she has no discharge from her nostrils, sneezing, or anything).

Thanks for everyone for your help! :)

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