Chicken sleep and coop cam


Aug 11, 2020
So I installed a camera in my coop and it’s been a lot of fun watching what my girls get up to when I’m not around. The most fascinating part has been observing them sleep (Creepy? Maybe. Do I need to get a life? Probably.) I had noticed that at least one of them is always awake and I started wondering if they sleep in shifts and someone is always on guard. So I did some searching and found that yes that’s kind of true but it’s even more interesting than that. Here is a great article about chicken and duck sleep...

Chickens are so cool!
I would love to know what you discovered! Did they sleep in shifts? How long after they go to bed to they go into a deep sleep so you can easily pick them up? Do they snuggle closer at night? What do they do when the rooster right beside them starts crowing at 3am?

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