Chicken spa!


14 Years
Apr 29, 2009
Wilson, NC
I was home early today (to meet the A/C technician). He said the birds wouldn't bother him if I let them out, so I did.
I brought them back from the neighbors yard with meal worms and sat down to watch chicken television. After watching the larger flock I turned and didn't see the smaller one.
Ugh, they must be in the neighbors yard again. Nope!
They were between the azaleas. They turned it in to a spa, with 8 dust baths!
They are so stinking cute!
I'm just curious, what did your hen to rooster ratio end up like from the Tractor Supply bantam bin?

I tend to pick feather legged bantams. My daughters go by color and cuteness factor.

28 female
3 seabright (2 gold, 1 buff laced)
2 Belgian d'Anvers
8 Silkie (3 white, 2 buff, 2 white frizzle, one red frizzle)
3 Cochin (2 silver laced, 1 black)
6 OEGB ( 2 silver duckwing, 1 BB Red, 1 spangled, 1 red Pyle, 1 blue splash)
4 d'Uccles (2 porcelain, 2 Millie)
1 Japanese
1 black rosecomb

16 male
4 Polish (all gold laced)
1 OEGB (self blue)
1 seabright (silver)
2 d'Uccle (1 porcelain, 1 Millie)
1 Delaware
1 barred rock
3 Cochin (2 silver laced, 1 red frizzle)
2 Silkie (1 white, 1 blue)
1 Japanese

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