Chicken stopped eating and drinking


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Aug 19, 2020
NW Florida Panhandle
My beautiful Bettie (about 28/29 weeks old) has not been eating for two days now. She lost a good deal of weight, and neither scrambled eggs with black fly larvae, nor warm milk feed paste is enticing her to eat. I force fed and hydrated her, and her crop is now about half full. We noticed yesterday that she didn't go outside with the other "big" chickens for very long, and this morning she didn't want to come down off the roost. The hubby went to pick her up and move her, and she resisted slightly, but no bocking. I brought her inside with the heater, some nutridrench water, and I mixed the foods together. She bocks weakly at me, but she at least is not laying down anymore, and wants to stand there and not move.
As you can see right in front of her, that little white spot is something she has excreted. There is one more slightly larger one near it, but very little poop. I assume it's because she's both dehydrated and hasn't eaten.
Side notes: we are in the Florida panhandle, weather has been awesome. None of the other chickens are showing signs of anything. Everyone else is or at least seems to be eating and drinking normally. She has also never laid an egg before, so I don't know if that could be a possible issue of egg binding on the first one??
Please help me figure out what is wrong with my pretty girl so I can make her feel better.
I checked her vent, it looks moist, but slightly sunken in. I can feel her hips from the weight loss, but the maybe good news is she does not have anything firm in her abdomen. One more white stool came out when I put her back in the kennel after force feeding her 5 more CCs of water and a few pieces of food. I'm going to cover her up so it's dark and allow her to rest and stay warm for now.

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