Chicken Stopped Laying Eggs

Dec 23, 2020
Washington, PNW
Hello! I have a Sapphire Gem chicken that stopped laying eggs. We got her this spring and the rest of her 'sisters' are still laying consistently. We last got an egg from her on 1/3/21. I know she isn't laying because we only get 7/8 eggs from laying hens, and her vent is pale and dry. I checked her for mites and lice, she doesn't have any. I don't think she is egg-bound because I cannot feel a lump in her belly. She isn't dust bathing, so her feathers are kind of dirty and oily looking. She is walking normally and seems to have her usual energy levels. Sometimes she stares into the distance for a long period of time. She is also guzzling water. Any help or suggestions are VERY welcome. She is my favorite hen, so thank you so much in advance.

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