Chicken Straining Like Trying to Lay Several Days Now


Aug 8, 2016
Hey all, I'm hoping someone can help me out. I have a chicken, named pigeon. She's a little white chicken, not sure of breed. She's supposed to be a standard but is the size of a bantam. She's about 3 years old now. For the last 4 days she's been straining with what appear to be constant contractions. Yesterday we brought her inside and I checked her vent for an egg, thinking she might be egg bound. Went in about 2 inches and couldn't find anything. Also, checked this morning and she has pooped, which she wouldn't do if she was egg bound. She's has some gatorade mixed with water and probiotics to drink and has been eating. I've given her extra calcium via oyster shells. She's still straining. She looks bright and alert, but constant contractions. No idea what is going on. Help, please?

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A video may help.

Is she in distress? (Walking like a penguin, lethargic, not eating, drinking?)
What are the contractions you are seeing?
"Bright and alert" - is she still eating, drinking, pooping and acting normal?

You can give her a soak in epsom salts. Offer some poultry vitamins for a couple of days.

Let us know how she is doing.

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