Chicken stuck in leg with needle limping


13 Years
Nov 14, 2008
Northern Kentucky
I have a hen that was given a shot in her leg and is now limping and standing on her hock, not up on her leg. I am assuming she has nerve damage. Any idea how long it will take to heal? She is just getting over a prolapsed vent. Thanks.
usually you give injections in one of two places back of neck or in the breast muscle. antibiotics are usually given in the breast muscle. she could just be sore from the needle and shot liquid that was injected in the leg. I'd give her a week or less and she should be better! if you did really hit the nerve it could last longer. I've seen this happen in dentistry. I've done dentistry for 25 years and if the nerve is hit a type of paralysis can happen. my guess would be the bird is sore. but like I said if the nerve was struck it might be longer than a week. good news is it should be fine. and will heal. sometimes these things take time. if she still needs her medicine you can give it in the breast. over about three inches away from the keel and not too close to wing or keel. you can put the needle in; pull back if you see blood your in the wrong area and adjust from there. when I shoot in the breast I use alcohol to help part the feathers and expose the breast. this works well. I hope this was helpful to you and hope she gets better real soon. I like to use the smaller diabetic needles you might want to try those they are much smaller and will cause less trauma to the area. good luck to you! best wishes.

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