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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by cntrychick2, Mar 26, 2011.

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Currently I have 3 golden laced cochin chicks. I want to expand my flock so I am hoping to get some suggestions from some of you veteran chicken owners on which types of chickens to add to my flock. I wonder though, if I have roos of different breeds if everyone will get along and what will happen if one of my roos from one breed mates with a hen of another breed... or maybe it doesnt matter if you are eating the eggs...but what if you allow some to hatch? If you specifically want to breed to you single out a pair for a few days? Do you eat eggs from hens that are in the coop with roos or should you keep egg layers separate? I know these are lots of random questions but I am hungry for info! Thanks yall!
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    If you have a roo with your hens you can still eat the eggs as long as you don't mind eating fertilized eggs. Some do and some don't. It doesn't bother me at all. If you have a different breed roo in with different hens then the off spring would be a mix of the two. Again, it all depends on you. Some don't mind mix breeds and some do.
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    Quote:Whatever types you want, or that fit the goals you want to meet.

    Quote:There is always the possibility of squabbles arising. That is true whether you have one breed or twenty. Personality clashes are more likely to cause problems than breed clashes. Some chickens will show preference for chickens who "look" like they do. Eg. a BA roo may prefer a black cochin hen to a white cochin hen if those are his two choices, but that doesn't mean he'll be mean to or fight with the one he doesn't prefer. It just means he will be less likely to breed with, protect and hang out with her.

    Quote:He will fertilize her eggs. Same as if he was breeding a hen of the same breed.

    Quote:Doesn't matter at all.

    Quote:You will have mutt chickens.

    Quote:You would need to separate them for a few weeks, not days.

    Quote:I sure do. There is nothing wrong with them. Development of the embryos does not begin until the eggs have been incubated. You can eat fertile eggs will no ill effects.

    Quote:They may be "random" but they're good ones! Welcome to BYC! Have fun with your flock.
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    Quote:You can mix roos and hens of as many different breeds as you like. Them getting along has little to do with whether or not they are the same breed and a lot more to do with whether they were brooded together or introduced in a way that allows them to get used to each other.

    If you want to breed the chickens, just select a rooster with the qualities that you want in a backyard flock, and introduce him in with the hens. You just end up with a mixed breed. The hens retain sperm for a period of time after mating with a rooster, and all the eggs she lays for that period should be fertile.

    You can eat fertile eggs or infertile eggs--there's no problem either way. Some individuals believe that fertile eggs are "healthier" in some way--more full of life, or something. I have no opinion on that.

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