chicken tractor and "chillin' with the peeps"

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    Apr 8, 2008
    so we ended up with a small wood dog house and an attached run that is 3x3x7 (pics coming, i promise). when the girls were inside, i would bring them out of the brooder every eve and hang out in the bathroom with them. the coop roof is hinged so i can clean etc but the rest of the run is closed in. id like to be able to hang out with them again, but i just cant get my head around the logistics. to add to the fun of figuring this all out, im 3 mos prego, so putting a door on the end of the run and crawling in there to sit will be out of the question before too long.

    any ideas here? i thought maybe about getting one of those x-pen doggie pen type things with an open top so i could sit in that and open a door to let them in with me.. it would only be while supervised of course. im open to any other ideas... i miss hanging out with my girls and they all squak to get out when i sit by the run.
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    You have options. You can look around on Craig's list for a used dog kennel, then you would have a door you could enter through. When I want to hang out with my girls, I just let them free range in the yard. My yard is fully fenced, so that helps They usually stick pretty close to me, and they go back to their roost in the evening. If I need them to go in sooner, I just stick some sort of treat in their coop. Generally, the temptation is too much. If you were worried about them taking off, you could always clip their wing feathers.
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    I have a walk in coop (so I would go & take coffee brakes with them) but, we just built tractors for them [​IMG] so I let them out at night for an hour or so!

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