chicken tractor cycle/rotation help.

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Hi there guys.

    I'm really interested in starting a chicken tractor business but I'm having trouble wraping my head around how much land is need for let's say 50 chickens in one chciken tractor. So I understand you move the chicken tractor every day to give them new fresh grass,would an acre of bare land last a full cycle of 50 meat birds?
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    Hi and welcome to our flock! [​IMG]So glad you could join our community.

    I've never used a chicken tractor, so can't be of much help unfortunately.[​IMG] You may get some more answers if you post in the Raising Meat Birds section:Meat Birds ETC Lots of people on here do use chicken tractors and raise meat birds, so should be able to help.

    I hope you can find the answers you need! [​IMG]
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    43560 square feet per acre.

    Chicken tractor area for 50 birds

    Moved 1 daily

    Information can be used to determine area required for a single pass. More than on pass per production will be more complicate in terms of how quickly the "grass" recovers. In my experience the grass is not consumed much by young meat birds as their growth rates exceeds there guts capacity to process the greens needed. You are basically spreading out the manure better with most tractor operations. To take advantage of the greens you need slower growing heritage birds or laying hens. Then just grass will not cover it as many legumes are better.

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