Chicken Tractor in 4 hours


11 Years
Apr 16, 2008
I've had two sick chicks in the 1 1/2 months I've been dealing with them and had nowhere to isolate them from the others. So 2 days ago I built this little "Chicken Clinic" for my next sick chick. It took about 4 hours to build and cost $25 for the wire and hinges( I had the 2x4 and tin laying around). Its 3x4 ft. Now I won't have to keep bumming a cage off my friends when I need to isolate a chick.

Great job! Do you have any more pictures of it? I need to build something like this so would be interested in how you did it. I have lots of scrap wood and metal roofing pieces.
Here's some more pics yellowflower.

View from run end of coop.

View looking into coop thru front door.

View of back.

View from coop end.

Don't know if pics come out or not, having computer problems.
Nice job and the cost and time involved is great!

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