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Jul 10, 2016
We currently have 4 chickens. We live in a typical '60s subdivision in a typical rancher in Virginia. My tractor is 4ft by 12 ft built on a frame of pressure treated 2x4s. I am using 10 foot length 3/4 pvc bent in arcs for the run. They are placed 16" on center. The house portion measures 4ft x 3ft. constructed out of 1.25 pvc. I am trying to keep the weight down so my wife can move it by herself. I am wondering about using only vinyl siding for the siding. I would screw it straight to the pvc framing. I thought about using T1-11 but I think it may be to heavy for my wife to move it. I am going to mount 10 inch wheels on a pivot so the tractor will raise up about 4 inches so it can then roll on two wheels.

Our winters aren't bad here. I also have a 12 foot by 10ft addition on the side of my work shop that we can roll the tractor into in the winter. It is walled on three sides, and has a roof over it. At one time I used it as a garage for my motor cycle. I could ride right into it. I had a tarp that hung like a shower curtain after I rode inside. I no longer ride, so the chicken tractor will be able to roll in there in inclement weather. There will be about two feet of the run sticking out though.

Thanks for any advice on siding this
Welcome! Your three sided shed looks perfect for your chickens! Why not use it half of it as a coop, open on the front? Chickens handle winter just fine (Virginia? winter?) and the issues for them are about a roof, shade, ventilation, and PREDATOR PROTECTION! No openings into the coop larger than 1/2", dig proof, and safe from being torn apart by 100 lb. dogs. Your chicken tractor will need hardware cloth over everything, and a tarp or two as a roof. You could use tarps over the hardware cloth and welded wire for your little 'house' too. Twelve sq. ft. will be very tight for four birds anyway. Mary

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