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    Sep 21, 2010
    I am building one but would like to know should I put some kind of wire on the bottom Because I live out in the country and theirs a lot of wild things that live out here I am just going to keep four hens it just me and my wife and would be all the eggs we need I am not a real handyman but I think I can do a good job just want to make it safe for the hens

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    Sep 23, 2010
    Well most people do and say you should but i didnt and havnt had any problems i have coyotes racoons and foxes around here theres been no problems but most people would say you should but if itll be a big incovience i wouldnt but i wouldnt worry
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    May 23, 2009
    Chicken tractors usually are open on the bottom so the chickens can peck and scratch in the ground. A wire apron around the perimeter of the tractor, weighted or temporarly staked down, can help to prevent predators from digging in.

    Night time predators are the biggest danger, so that's why I use our tractors only during the day and put my chickens inside a secure, stationary coop at night.
  4. my tractor has a section with a bottom a few inches off the ground with a lil slide door i can close from the outside, so i can lock em up at night. the rest of the tractor has no floor and they scratch around all day, also, i have found that the floor helps when i need to move the tractor so i dont smash any legs, and i tend to move the tractor at night right after i put em up. U can get one of those lil electric battery operated fence chargers and put u a lil strip of electric wire around the top and or bottom of the tractor. PLEASE look under the coops section on the BYC home page at the chicken tractor section, Loads of advice and experience. good luck!

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