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Sep 26, 2013
South Mississippi
My wife and I live in south Mississippi, quite a warm climate. We have large lot in a small coastal town. We are planning to build a chicken coop and order some chicks in March 2014. We can keep about a dozen, mostly for the eggs. The wood for the coop is in the garage and I will be starting this week. I had planned on joining BYC then.

However, I am joining now because we had an unexpected visitor last Saturday (Sept 21). I was minding my own business, fixing breakfast for our two dogs, when I heard a thump outside. I went out back to investigate. I found a large gray bird, I could not tell what it was, almost completely hidden behind a cinder block that was up against a corner of the fence and the yard. My dogs Marcy and April were very interested, but I shooed them inside and moved the cinder block to let the bird escape, then went back inside. I did not know what kind of bird it was, but it had grey-blue feathers. I was hoping it was not hurt and would fly away.

Hours later, after our own breakfast, I told my wife and we went out to check on the bird. It seemed to have disappeared from the cinder block and we had hope it had flown away. Returning to the house, we saw a large grey-blue chicken had taken refuge behind our smoker on the back porch. It seemed fine, but was very leery of the dogs. The dogs were fascinated, but kept their distance. Today, Thursday, it is still here. It generally sleeps on top of the smoker. We have put out water and have been feeding her mostly kitchen scraps. We bought some scratch too. I can also report that she loves baloney. Now it is walking freely around the yard, eating grass and bugs.

We had planned to get chickens, but not right now. We have checked with the neighbors if they know anyone with chickens, and I have called animal control. They have no reports of a missing chicken, so we are keeping it for now.
Welcome to BYC! Glad you joined us!
Welcome from College Station, Texas. We live on an acre barely outside the city limits. A couple of times over the years, before we got our own, we have had chicken visitors. They would stick around for a few weeks, foraging around our lawn and compost, and of course we would feed them scraps. And then they would be gone. We never found any eggs. One time it was a hen and a rooster. A raccoon got the hen, and for several days the poor lonely rooster cried and crowed, and then suddenly there was silence. It may be that one of the neighbors got tired of the noise and hungry for chicken.
Welcome to BYC
Glad you joined us! Time to build a coop and get that lonely hen some friends :)
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

If you decide now is not the time, it is usually possible to rehome chickens. You might post on the Mississippi thread, and Craigs list can be another useful tool (although probably some of the birds given away there end up in someone's stew pot so beware)
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