Chicken waddle. Only one is developed. Anyone else see this?

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    My blue Cochin (her name is Shadow) only has one developed waddle. She is supposedly 9 months old. I got her in July from a breeder who stated she was 5 months old. No, she has not started laying and she show no signs of laying yet. Not squatting or checking out the laying box. She is very calm and seems to be on the bottom of the pecking order of a flock of 10 hens. I do not have any roosters.
    I have search the web and other forums and have not found anything on this. Anyone else seen this? Will the other waddle eventually catch up?[​IMG]
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    Sep 28, 2014
    I dunno, but she is absolutely gorgeous!
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    It is probably just a birth defect with her wattle. Her comb is looking red, so she might be laying soon. When they come into lay this late in the year, the daylight hours aren't enough, so she may not lay until late winter. You can turn on a light in the coop for several hours in the morning to extend the light hours to help in laying. Some people do this, some just let them take a break in winter. There only needs to be 12 hours of daylight for egg laying. My light come on at 6 AM for a couple of hours, and back on from 4-6 PM. They are outside the rest of the time.

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