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    i've brought my sweet girl (audrey) in from the cold, to sit on my lap while i'm at the computer. she's such a good girl. she just loves to sit on my lap!!! anyway, i was talking to her, telling her about the new chicks that will be coming this spring...etc....(is anyone else as crazy as i am when it comes to their chickens?)....and i said "i know what Audrey, you would love to watch youtube!" and i found some chickens on youtube (not hard to do! lol) and she actually watched it!! however, i screened some of her "shows". i didn't want her watching any chickens doing the egg song....didn't want her to copy it since i'm illegal. she's so sweet and i love her so much! she's not gonna want to go back outside! maybe i should buy her a diaper?
  2. that is the sweetest story!!! [​IMG]
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    My girls come in to visit a lot. Lilly and Little Gray enjoy spending the evenings on the back of the couch or my chair watching TV. They will also jump up on the chair and sit on my hubby's leg.

    My mother's roo lives inside as well, and he has a diaper. He fought the diaper for a week or so, now he just wears it without any trouble.

    I don't get home from work till after dark now that it is winter... if I didn't bring them in to visit, I would never see them.


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