Chicken Wheezing with Every Breath & Sneezes


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Jun 8, 2009
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One of my buff orpington chickens seems to have some sort of respiratory thing going on. She came near me and I thought she was very talkative because she was making a lot of sounds. These sounds were similar to the girls' curious, little purring-type noises that they make when they think I have treats. But then I noticed the sounds were with every breath -- both in and out. So it's really more that she's wheezing, I guess. Then, she had a sneezing fit or possibly coughs with about 4 sneezes in a row. None of my other chickens have been sick the whole year that I've had them. They just had their first birthday on the 6th.

Any ideas on what's going on and what I should do about it?

Sounds like a respiratory problem. I would isolate that particular hen, and put some duramayacin and vitamins/electrolites in her drinking water. If she gets really bad (puffs up her feathers and seems listless) you could put a vicks vaporizer on her and that would really help.

It wouldn't hurt to put the duramayacin and vitamins/electrolites in the other hen's water too, just as a precaution, for 10 days.

Good luck to you!
I have the same problem with my 4 wk old aracana pullet chick. We put in a new waterer and it malfunctioned and leaked while we were gone overnight. The others seem fine so far, but she is weak and listless and wheezing with each breath and sneezing. No antibiotics available till Monday. I brought her inside and put two hundred watt bulbs on her, but I'm not sure that she's drinking. Any ideas??

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