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Sep 13, 2009
Has anyone ever had an animal break through chicken wire? Reason I ask is I would like to make an outdoor coop for my chickens (they are in the barn) but I know there is a fox around that has taken a couple of my ducks, so I have been putting off making a summer coop for them in fear the fox or something else will get in. How strong is chicken wire when it comes to hungry animals?


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Feb 2, 2009
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It depends on the gauge of the wire. Most of what is sold as chicken wire is too light gauge. A fox, dog, raccoon, or such can go through it. TSC had some No Dig Kennel wire that is 17 gauge with openings about 1-1/2" and in 5' height that might be strong enough. 150 feet for about $160. You would need to put a wire with smaller openings around the bottom 18" or so they would not stick their heads out reaching for grass, a raccoon or such could not reach through the 1-1/2" openings, and baby chicks could not walk through it and away from their mother's protection.

I have not used it for a coop or run. If I had seen it I would have considered it for the run since I lock mine in a secure coop at night. That 17 gauge is right on the border of what I'd feel safe with for nighttime protection. I've seen what my dogs can do with lightweight wire and figure a coyote or raccoon can do the same or more. I wound up using 2" x 4" welded wire, I think 14 gauge, with chicken wire along the bottom.


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Apr 15, 2010
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I used chicken wire for my run. That being said I am going to secure it with hardware cloth in a couple months. My chickens do not stay outside at night so I do not worry about the nighttime predators. The only thing that makes me nervous is daytime, hence why I am changing it.


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Good lord yes, it is pretty common. Raccoons and dogs and such can easily rip through most chickenwire that is on the market today. Those who haven't had losses yet just haven't had losses YET.

Go browse the "Predators and Pests" section of the forum, look at threads with titles like 'something ate all my chickens last night', see how many of them involve critters busting through chickenwire.

Heck, I have accidentally ripped chickenwire MYSELF -- and this is heavier-gauge chickenwire than some I've seen on the market -- when trying to pull it out from where it was part-buried in the ground. All it takes is one broken mesh -- and raccoons and dogs can easily do that -- and the whole thing can come apart.

Look at it this way - there is a REASON people don't use chickenwire to keep dogs IN

Good luck, have fun,


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