Chicken with broken/swollen foot


11 Years
Oct 11, 2008
One of my chickens had an injury to her middle claw on one of her feet. Her foot is now swollen & she does not want to walk on it. She spends most of the day sitting down & when she does try to walk she tries to put her foot down but is in obvious pain so either hops or limps a little lopsidely. I have read that the leg should heal itself but i am concerned about her general wellbeing as her crop is loosing it's redness. Is there anything i can give her to give her a boost? She is eating well. We've had bad weather ever since her injury occured which is not helping! Any help would be massively appreciated, she is an ex-battery hen & so had a rough life before we got her so i want to do everything i can to help her recover. Thank you.
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I had a chicken with a damaged foot and kept her separate where she could not walk around and had to rest. I fed and watered her there and let her walk for a few minutes each day. i also put ice in a cloth on her foot. she took about a week and a half to get better and I gradually let her out for longer until she could put weight on the foot and return to the other birds.

Is the foot injured from something, or is it bumblefoot?
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I almost don't want to say this but my other half was forking the garden after a day of heavy rain & caught her foot! He cut the middle one (needless to say an arguement followed). It happened about a week ago. This morning is the first morning that she isn't really showing any interest in anything. As she doesn't want to stand on it much she is getting lots of rest & i feed her seperately from the others to make sure she's getting lots of vitimins, etc. Thanks.
I suppose the cut may have not been cleaned well enough and now there is infection. other people on here know a lot about treating infections - we don't have the same drugs available over the counter in the UK. Is the foot hot to the touch? If so it is probably infected and you need to treat it accordingly. Sorry not to be more help.

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