Chicken with feathers growing out from the wing? PICS post 5


8 Years
May 14, 2011
Smoky Mountains
We have a nearly week old BCM that has feathers growing outward from the wing. Noticed it 2 days ago and thought maybe it was just the way she was holding it. But it's still happening. It looks like she's holding the wing flush with her body like normal, but there are a group of feathers pointing outward. Anyone seen anything like this? Something to worry about?
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Do you have pictures?

I can't picture it in my head
My camera (and quality of picture spots this morning) are horrible. However, I tried...hopefully they will help. You can see how the specific feathers on one side are sticking out compared to her other wing, which is growing in just fine. She doesn't appear to be in pain, as if she broke it somehow. I don't know....



Nope its fine. Just going through the awkward feather transitioning phase. It will fill out eventually and start to look "normal". All of mine looked like that for weeks. They're fine now.
One of my Wheaton Marans did that as a chick then as they grew up their feathers straightened out. I finally had the point ushered home that frizzling can happen in any bird as a random mutation. Check out this video that shows a video of frizzled parakeet!

Glad to help you out, and I understand the meaning of your tag line. Florida humidity is a bit interesting, some days in the summer I swear eggs are gonna hatch without the incubator!


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