Chicken with swollen abdomen, how do I help her?

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  1. owen.ab

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    Jan 5, 2012
    My chicken has a very swollen abdomen. At first, we thought she was constipated, as she hasn't passed anything in days, but I see now there is some clear fluid coming out. She wont eat much (diet of cooked rice, blueberries, pancake, and regular feed) or walk. I bathed her and cleaned off all the caked excrement, but that didnt seem to help. If she is constipated, I dont think she has much longer based on how swollen she is.
    Please help! I am desperate to help her, she is such a good layer!

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    Can you feel an egg inside her? If no egg could be interal laying if you think she is constipated try some epsom salt and water use a needless syringe to get it down her a few drops at a time as to not aspirate her. This should clean her out really well.
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  3. owen.ab

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    Jan 5, 2012
    Thanks for responding! She loved the bath, and we forced fed her yogurt, water, and salt water. I also put some oil in her vent to help. If it is an internal egg, how do I get it out? She's almost four and doesnt lay much, so I dont know if it would be an egg.
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    It could also be acites which is fluid in the abdomemal cavity. That can come from kidney and liver failure and can also occur when she has an abdominal infection due to an egg passing into her abdomen instead of out of her body.

    I know some farmers will use a syringe and large needle to puncture the stretched skin on the lower abdomen and gently/slowly draw out fluid. The hen can go into shock if too much fluid is removed but you could remove some to make her more comfortable. Notice the color and smell of the fluid.
    Is it clear and sterile or is it milky with infection?

    If it is clear, then the fluid in the abdomen is more likely due to kidney or liver problems than an egg infecting the abdomen.

    After the fluid is drained to a level that is more comfortable for the hen you can treat her with Baytril for 7 days.

    The bad news is that if her abdomen is swollen (walks like a penguin) then chances are that something serious is wrong and she may not survive long term. Four years is a good life span for a hen and if she has laid well for those years then you have been blessed with her!

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    Go toa site chicken or

    Also,rice is binding

    Soak her in warm water,

    The chicken keeper gives great instructions about how to helpan egg bound chicken
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    Dec 30, 2013
    My hen has a swollen abdomen but she was attacked by a coon several months ago and I believe she has quit laying eggs so I'm not sure she would be egg bound. I do have a dozen hens so I can't be 100% on her not laying. I used a glove and Vaseline and felt in her vent for an egg but I don't feel one. I got some poop out but also some blood. She also pooped when I put her in the tub. I'm afraid she's doomed. Poor girl not sure what else to do after research she could have kidney or liver failure. Any suggestions please reply. Thanks so much. Poor Hannah the hen

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    Oct 23, 2015
    hi !!! I dont know what is normal or not . How recogniza a swollen abdomen ?

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