Chicken with Upper Respiratory?? Video link included!


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Feb 1, 2009
I went outside tonight to shut the coop and heard "snoring". I went in to investigate and one of my hens had this weird breathing, (see link). I brought her inside in a temporary pen away from the others, (none of them were sounding this way) and did a thorough look over. Her eyes are bright, colour is nice and red, no discharge from nose, eyes, mouth. However, when palpating the throat and crop, she would cough. She is open mouth breathing, and almost sounds congested. Her attitude seems bright and alert, she doesn't seem lethargic. Was happily scratching around her temporary pen like she does before laying an egg. I am pretty sure she just has a cold, but I wondered if there is something I can do for her to clear up her congestion or make her well?

Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you!
I lost one today with this same thing.

I wondered if they got too much Sevin dust in their lungs after I dusted them.
Chickens don't get colds. Her breathing sounds very bad. It could be a bacterial infection requiring antibiotics or a multitude of other things. Do you have an avian vet near you? You can try some of the remedies on this site but if you have the finances to pay for a vet and have one near you that is what I would do. It would not surprise me if her condition deteriorates rapidly. I am sorry. I hope she gets better.

Thank you for your info! Also, today she sounds great! I gave her some yogurt mixed with feed and she is still bright and alert! She even laid an egg for me lol!
So, I am continuing to monitor her, keep her away from other chickens, but I am hopeful. I'll keep you posted!

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