Chicken with weezing sound, have treated w antibiotics, no luck help!


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Jun 6, 2010
Hi, Please need real help, I have a chicken 5 months old that lives on a coop, medicated diet and lots of freshwater, The coop separates each breed from others, she lives there with another girl and a roos, tree days ago she started with a wheezing like astma sound, fatigue, and like a person with astma, i ran to the market and has tylan powder, has since that day separated her from the others, give 1tbsp of tylan x gallon of water, administrate it directly to her mouth about one syringe twice dayly in case shes not drinking and has been doing this for 3 days now, but she doesnt seem to like sound better, shes eating and I have gave her the medicated food, some yolk yesterday and today plain yogurt, but now she shakes her head like to get the mucus out. She sounds with a lot of mucus, but no mucus down the nostrills, for precautios as I have several more babys, I washed my hands and spayed them with Lysol spray for killing flu virus. Im desesperated. I have raised these babyes from egg, and I dont want to losse them, these are my kids , I will aprecciate any hels. AH for how many days shoul I gave the tylan? do you reccomend anything else? Help I will aprecciate it a lot and the girls too!


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Mar 3, 2009
I would say that the tylan would probably need atleast 7 days but I know with most antibiotics that folks go 10 days... Good luck I wish I could help more ...


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Oct 27, 2009
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear that your chicken is having a hard time, I know it's tough.
I had one that had similar symptoms earlier this year. I am no expert and don't know if there is even a remote possibility that this could be her problem but I'll tell you what we think was the problem with our hen.

Someone suggested to me that she could have lung worm. These worms crawl up from the gut and attach themselves to the trachae of the chicken and suck their blood. This causes strange breathing sounds and the chicken trying to shake something out of it's throat. I've heard it said that sometimes you can actually see the worms if you look into their mouths. Since my chicken is a pecker
I didn't get that close.

A natural worming strategy is to give a dose of raw garlic,
we gave ours about 2 whole cloves chopped up while we were waiting to get meds. Then we used a 5 day dose of fenbendazole. I have heard that wazine may also work for lung worms but not Ivromectin. Our hen recovered nicely and is now our most consistent layer. I can give you more info about how we treated her if you think this is what yours has.

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