Chicken won't eat please help!


5 Years
Sep 13, 2014
So one of my barred rocks recently had flystrike which she recovered from but now she won't eat her feed she'll eat treats we give her and when we let her outside she scratches and pecks like normal but she won't eat her feed also her poop is practically water please help!
No the feed is fine all the other chickens are eating it and I've tried 2 different feeds
Anything wrong with her crop?
Wonder if you spread the feed like treats if she'd eat. What do you put their feed in? Maybe it an issue with the feed container for some reason...
What kind of treats is she eating?
Oh chickens are weird sometimes. See if she eats it sprinkled on the ground. And if that doesn't work try some healthier treats.... Make some scrambled eggs, something with protein.
Could something be wrong with her beak?

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