Chicken won't leave the roost


Feb 27, 2016
Whitefish, Montana
I have a 17 week buff laced polish. She is at the bottom of the pecking order. The last two weeks she has not gotten down from the roost. I have to pick her up and put her on the ground. Then she will run over to the food and water. Yesterday my husband came home from work around 4pm and she was still on the roost. She acts healthy otherwise. I believe it is because her feathers obscure her vision, but I do t know what to do about that because she is a polish after all. Any advice would be appreciated.
That's quit normal for the bottom bird especially at that age. Is she your only polish? Which would put her at a disadvantage and could lead to her being bullied. Some folk tie up the topknot. On my buff laced they could not see very well and the roosters would mate them constantly. We finally gave them short haircuts and it has made their quality of life so much better.

In a mixed flock polish can suffer, so I recommend you giving her a trim, the feathers may grow back quickly and she might need another one shortly. She will than be able to see well enough to get out of the way of the others.

I haven't had to trim the white crested varieties, only the laced varieties seem to have troubles.

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