Chicken won't let me touch or pet it and it's scared.

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Mark Smith

7 Years
May 13, 2012
I don't know why this chicken is so scared of me I've had it from last year October. You would think it would be used to me by now but it usually follows me around the yard so I would think it would trust me by now. Can anyone help me ?
Some animals, just like some people, are very out-going and social while others are more timid and prefer not to be messed with. You can always try feeding treats like mealworms, fruits and vegetables, etc. A little bit of research on her breed may help out as well. Some breeds such as Leghorns have a reputation for being a bit skittish, where as other breeds like Orpingtons and Cochins have a reputation for being very docile.
Get your self some dried meal worms, some raisins or something your bird/birds go crazy over. Put it in a baggy so they can see that you are packing goodies.

Go into the run and sit down in the run there with your bag of goodies. Dig around in this bag and put some treats in your hand. Let the bird/birds see you toss them close to where you are sitting let them feed from this distance. Use up the entire bag.

Repeat this process two or three times a day, treats in baggie, (this will get them to know that a baggie means goodies) sit down in the run and each time toss the treats closer to where you are sitting.

After about a week, keep the treats in your hand as you are sitting there. Nobody eats until they eat from your hand. Eventually this bird or birds will eat from your hand. Once they have eaten from the hand, it is only a matter of time before your lap is comfortable enough.

Don't try to touch the bird/birds until they are completely comfortable with you sitting with them. It may take a month or so. You may even win them over to sit with you on your lap.

Always move very slowly and remember, food is a huge motivator and bonding agent. Once the bird is comfortable with you, pick the bird up once a day. Carry her/ them around. When it is time to roost, carry them to the coop. (I did this with mine as while they are incredibly friendly, they HATED to be picked up. So for 6 months, I carried them to the coop at roosting time. They are now extremely docile to pick up)

Don't expect over night friendliness. Take your time, but always be actively working with this bird/birds. They need confidence to know you are not going to harm them. They will eventually come around.

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