Chicken WWF


10 Years
Apr 4, 2009
St. Johns, MI
So, my chickens decided today was the day to start their very own WWF. I went out there to check on them and I found one of my chickens hiding in the corner all bloody. I brought her inside cleaned her up, put her in the brooder (waiting for chicks to hatch this weekend so it was already set up) with yogurt mixed into her food. I will get some eletrolites (sp?) for her water. They pecked her bottom really bad, and a small area on her wing. She seems fine, very vocal and is eating and drinking, but I will keep her inside and seperated for a while until she is healed well enought to outside again.

I believe I have done all I can do right now, I feel awful. I don't know who was shaking more during her clean up, me or her.

I just wanted to post this because I feel so bad, I have never had anything like this happen. My chicken have always got along great with each other. I checked around the coop to make sure there were predators around. We just got a bad snowstorm yesterday and I didn't see any tracks. The only thing I can think of is because of the snow they have been in their coop for the last 2 days (they hate snow so I don't let them out when we get a storm)however, they have a good amount of space per bird (6sq ft) and windows to look out.
I would say that them being cooped up is definitely something that I have had trouble with. We have had more snow here this year than we have had in many many years. Anyways my chickens have never seen snow like this before and they stayed inside the coops all day. Now I know that when I have been cooped up in my house I go stir crazy (although I don't go beating up on other people thank goodness) but it is hard on them. Mine have 2 coops, one a little smaller than the other. They are all mixed up and have been sleeping in different coops than they normally do. I have also had a Delaware hen take the brunt of the boredom and has a bare bum and almost naked neck ( i moved her into my garage with lots of room and food, treats, water etc...)

Hope your girl gets better....
Thanks, I myself think that was most of the problem, They are usually out of the coop, but with all of the snow I know that they won't go outside so I didn't open their door, thought it was better to keep the heat in. Now I feel awful, although she is doing great and doesn't even act as if anything has happened. Her butt is very bad, bloody and swollen. I am hoping it just looks worst then it is.
Keep the hen seperated like you are and use a bit of BluKote on the spots so they are not red (if they are not deep wounds--if they are you'll need to treat longer). Once you can't see the red you may want to bring in another hen who is docile to keep her company and so there are at least two of them when you re-introduce them to avoid an attack--and do it at night.

Don't know how much room they have but a few ideas:

Give them toys such as hanging pie pans (if still shiny) to peck at.
Hanging some greens so it takes longer for them to eat.
A little protein snack might help such as a little good quality dry cat food, mealworms, alfalfa hay for them to scratch around in, etc.
Giving them something to jump onto like a homemade wooden swing could help too if you have room.
If you are able to shovel some snow and protect the side and top of your run with a tarp to give them more usable room is also a good idea.

You need to break up the boredom somehow--they probably have cabin Fever!

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