Chicken yard using woven aviary netting? HELP


10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Got 150' of woven plastic aviary netting. Cannot for the life of me get it to stretch properly to attach to the posts - it sags at the top, badly; I want to use it for the sides as well as top of a yard for my layers

Anyone else do this before? do the posts have to be really close together or something? the fencing is 6' high. THanks much!!!
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I used butt tabs for roofing paper. They are nails with round plastic tab. It helps hold netting in place.

It will sag unless you have something rigid along the top holding it up. Either a top wooden board (recommended), or at least a very tightly strung HEAVY GAUGE wire or rope (which, beware, will cause your corner posts to keel over unless they are extra-well properly braced, which hardly anybody's ever are).

You know that the aviary netting is not predatorproof in any way whatsoever, right? So, this is in a truly totally all-possible-predatory-mammal-proof larger enclosure, yes?

Good luck, have fun,


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