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    Jul 21, 2010
    It's been several years since I have kept chickens, and have always kept mine in smaller coops with covered tops. I remember my Grandmother had a large yard fenced with no top probably six feet tall. My question is would five foot wire be tall enough? My yard will be probably 30 by 16. I thought that her yard being large is what kept them from flying out. I have large breed chickens I have heard they are not as bad to fly as some of the lighter breeds. Thanks
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    I was wondering the same. My coop is Ft. Knox with a 7' covered run (20 by 17') but my second coop (in progress) will be bigger and have a much bigger run, perhaps 30 by 25'. I don't want to cover it and I'd lock the chickens in at night.
    I thought 5 feet would be fine...we had that for our chickens when I was growing up and it seemed to be fine.
    However, I have found my barred Rock, Lilith, walking on top of the 7' run, a la Barbara. It did make her butt look fat. She flew straight up there, no problem. I'd have to clip flight feathers if I want to keep the new flock in a 5' tall pen.
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