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May 20, 2012
Ellsworth, Maine
I have 14 baby chicks that are two weeks old. We are starting to plan and build our chicken coop. Could I have some opinions on how bog the coop should be and how big the pen should be? Including how tall the fence post should be? Thanks Everyone, I appreciate your opinions.
I am getting 10 babies next week, my coop is a partioned part of my shed (below). it's 4 x 12.
Outside area will be 12 x 20 (pics below) the posts are 6 ft tall, and we are putting on a pitched roof attaching to the shed.

Thanks Putty !! My thoughts exactly but my bf was thinking not much taller than the chickens but I told him I had to clean it. LOL

Jakoda, that's too funny !! My bf is building so that one side will be a shed for us and the other side will be for the chickens. Love your coop, I had to show my bf.
The more room they have outdoors the happier the chicks will be. If you can have a large enough are you might can even keep grass growing in it. Would have to be really big for 14 chicks though.

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