Chickenmonks coop: VI the end, finally!

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    This is like the pic I posted for you last week, but now the range is on the back (south) position of coop.

    I highly recommend you put some type of hood over the pop doors, as you see here, to keep rain out. They have worked really well, so far.

    I have used 1/2" X 1/2" hardware cloth all over, as you can see from pics. There is 1' mesh poultry netting (chicken wire) over top of range, but that's all for that. Oh yes, the tractor has poultry netting too.

    Finally, as you plan, consider the perimeter of your structure. People used to sell land out west long ago, by perimeter and could therefore rip people off. Why? Because more perimeter does not necessarily mean more space or land. Now about your coop plan. For example, I can plan two coops, one is 21 sq. ft. the other 25 sq. ft. That difference means something. Now consider. One coop is 7 X 3, the other is 5 X 5. Note, they both have a perimeter of 20 feet!!! But one the 5 X 5, gives me an area of 25 square feet versus the other which only gives me 21. At four sq. ft. per bird, this means something . So carefully consider your perimeters when you plan. Get the most you can.



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    Jul 19, 2008
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    very nice job hope it serves you well.

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