chickens acting werid?


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7 Years
Apr 17, 2012
Today I go outside to let the geese, ducks, chickens & goats out, feed them & give them all water, don't worry they all have separate pens & the chickens have there own coop. Anyways I let the chickens out & go into the ducks & geese's pen to put there food away so the chickens don't get to it (we let them feed overnight & then free range all day) 2 of our orpington chickens ran in there really fast & was running fast up & down the pen jumping/flying, one of them were running in circles & the other
orpington was ramming itself against the fence so I picked her up & her crown was bleeding from it! I have NEVER seen any of our chickens act this way before, they all know how to get out of the pen & if the fence door isn't open (it was open at the time) they fly over it. When I got her cleaned up I let her down & she seemed fine. It was really odd behavior. they weren't running from me, they all love me =) they always swarm me looking for bread Lol. Idk if this is normal behavior or not? This is our first year having chickens & there all 6 months old.
my birds who live i cages are super excited when i let them out and they fly in cirlces and act preeety hyper, there just happy to be out!

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