Chickens always get in the way when using tractor


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Sep 8, 2021
Hi all,

We have three tractors on our property, one is a little yellow one that is mostly used in the smaller fields or family garden. The problem is, whenever I use the tractor, not only for work but just moving it around, the chickens always run over to it when they hear it start up because they assume I'm going to till dirt with it so they basically think its the dinner bell. Its very annoying because even if I am doing work, theyll run in front of the tractor and won't move. Ill even jerk the tractor forward a bit when theyre directly in front of it but they wont budge, theyll just look right at it and just go back to scratching a pecking.

Is there anyway I can keep them from getting in my way all the time? Can I maybe put a horn on my tractor so they know to move?
Have you every seen birds around a tractor plowing/cultivating/cutting hay? They have learned that the moving tractor means FOOD. Your chickens have learned the same thing. Very likely the only thing you do is to lock them up while working with your tractors.

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