chickens and guineas in the same brooder..


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I am sure this questions has been asked but i could not find an answer..

Can i raise chickens and guineas (of the same age) in the same brooder or will there be a feeding issue?

Thanks all!
It is my understanding that guinea fowl do a bit better on a higher protein than one would normally feed chicks, but I fed mine the same as the chicks and they did fine. I imagine they may have grown a bit quicker on higher protein, but the certainly were healty
It is funny I see this topic today because just this afternoon I called Cackle to see if I can add some chicks to my order of guineas and they said they didn't send anything with keets because the keets will eat the feet of the other birds. I believe I did raise keets with chicks, but I don't always remember everything about every situation, so I can't say for certain if that could have happened here.
I logged in to ask the same question. Guess it is ok to brood chicks & keets together. But I would like to know how long before I can move my keets to the turnout pen so that I can start brooding my ducks. Oh, I live in south La so temp shouldnt be an issue.
I feed my chicks gamebird starter anyway. I don't want medicated feed and the higher protein only helps them grow and feather faster. Long term some people have said guinea raised with chickens may be more likely to harass the chickens and others have said less likely both for the reason that the guineas are more likely to see themselves as part of the chicken flock.
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I have guineas that were raised with chicks, and some harass the chickens, some don't. I think that's on an individual bird basis. I have some that are still cooping with some chickens, they do fine most of the time, but get a bit rowdy once in a while. I've brooded guineas with chickens and quail, and haven't had any problems with either. Of course they had to be moved from the quail brooder pretty fast, a couple weeks at most. They were just too big
I tried it, it didnt work for me. They pecked at the feathered toes on my chickies, so I had to make a divider.

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