Chickens and Pigs

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    Feb 16, 2014
    I have a rescued wild baby pig in with the chickens until it gets larger. They all seem fine with each other. I am concerned, however, how to make sure my chickens do not get sick. The Piggy is sick and I am treating it. I wish I would have kept them separate. The pig has diarrhea so I'm concerned how to effectively clean the pen. It is a dirt and hay floor. I suppose I will rake it all out each day until she gets better. Any other suggestions? I'm giving her antibiotics tomorrow and am trying to worm her. She is not eating much and is so tiny, under 5 pounds. I have had her on goats milk and papaya. She is drinking water and eating some. I sure hope the antibiotics help. Any ideas?
    Chickens and pigs

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    Aug 25, 2014
    Sorry, never kept pigs and chickens together. But I hope the pig gets well. You will enjoy the pig. They can get quite friendly if you handle them a lot. Mine sure did.
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    Go to or and find out what baby pigs should be eating......
    ........the diarrhea could be because it isn't getting the right feed.

    I wouldn't give it antibiotics unless you know for sure if it is sick and what it is sick with.

    Beware when it gets bigger, it could well eat some chickens.
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    x3. And perhaps stop the papaya, fruit has a tendency to make diarrhea worse. Pumpkin may be a better choice.
    My chickens would scratch through our pot bellies pen when we had the little piggies, and we never had a problem with aggression from them but they were pretty small. I'd be seriously worried about a larger pig eating them, they'll eat just about anything!

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