Chickens and Pool Area


8 Years
Mar 4, 2011
Was thinking about bringing my chickens into our enclosed pool area for some play time outside while we don't have the run done yet. The fence is 6ft vertical wooden slats with no space in between, so I don't think they'll get out, but will my presence be enough to deter aerial predators? With a net on hand in case they take a leap into the pool.
No. Aerial predators are NOT intimidated my people. Someone here once took out a hawk with a food dish she was filling. Tron-style.

Hawks are opprotunistic to the extreme.

BUUUT-- I haven't lost one to a hawk yet, but I crow when I see one.
Ach, okay, thanks. I was kinda feeling like no, but thought I'd check since it would be a good, large space for them to get to shake their tail feathers in. Not only would I have to run from one end to the other, though, I'd also have to not fall in the pool

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